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Investment ISAs

Looking to choose an Investment ISA?

Deciding which investment funds you want in your ISA portfolio or even which ISA provider to select can be a challenging and time consuming activity with more than 55,000 funds available globally

 and hundreds of ISAs, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by too much choice and lack the experience to make the right decisions.

If you have not used your ISA allowance for the tax year or wish to consolidate your existing ISAs and are confused which funds and ISA to choose we are offering a simple solution to help you

 – the IFSL Sinfonia ISA.

The IFSL Sinfonia ISA allows you to invest into the IFSL Sinfonia Portfolios which are an innovative fund-of-funds investment solution where each portfolio is managed by the investment manager 

BNP Paribas Investment Partners UK Ltd, a dedicated asset management business line of BNP Paribas. The investment manager reviews and evaluates all the funds and asset classes available

 on the market and creates a combined portfolio of funds. Each portfolio is risk-targeted to match your attitude to risk not just at the start but throughout the lifetime of your investment.

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An IFSL Sinfonia ISA offers you a tax efficient route to invest into the IFSL Sinfonia Portfolios.

Benefits of the IFSL Sinfonia Portfolios

Access to the expertise of the world’s top Fund managers – BNP Paribas have access to a wide range of research and resources that enables them to select the most suitable funds to meet the 
portfolio’s investment objective. This gives you easy access to some of the world’s top investment managers and funds that may not be available by investing directly.

Active Management – The portfolios only invest in actively managed funds provided by other investment managers and they are reviewed daily by BNP Paribas. Their team of over 50 investment

 professionals monitor and evaluate the funds using qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Diversification – Fund-of-funds portfolios offer the benefits of diversification across asset classes, different fund managers and investment strategies. This improves the potential for performance 

consistency compared with investing with the single fund manager or asset class.